Saturday, January 3, 2009

Launching Album Drive : Kita Untuk Selamanya.

We certainly still remember the song, entitled "Joint Stars", which have become hits and boom in which - where. Furthermore after the song is used to take a serial TV. These songs are the property of the Drive. The first album titled "Esok Lebih Baik" to reap success in the market. After a long pause after the release of his first album, Drive is now present with both the album titled "Kita Untuk Selamanya" with the hits single "Melepasmu". The song is undeniably country, which recounts the trauma of someone who will love triangle relationship where it was when the need enlightenment in the relationship with the spouse that allows people present that the new his love but also to be released along with the good.

Single "Melepasmu" has created a video klipnya. Video clip "Melepasmu" directed by Eugene Obando and the only time for 1 day only. "Location shooting a video clip Melepasmu held in the regions Pondok Indah, but not at home Pondok Indah that is grim," said Andjie laugh. Naming the album "Kita Untuk Selamanya" taken from one of the lyrics in a song is there in the first album. "Kita Untuk Selamanya" to describe the whole of this album. Lyrics from the song inspired by personal experiences and there are also stories of friendly personnel Drive. "I like Mr.Big, while Andjie like Green Day, so the influence of various playing," said Budi, the guitarist. Difficulties in making the album to the two Drive is a matter of time. It is difficult to unify the schedule to take more vocal.

Drive recognized that the songs that are in the album "Kita Untuk Selamanya" is a stock of some older songs that were not included on the first album but there are also some new songs that are made. An interesting information in the second album Drive. If the first album Piyu (Padi) to attend as a producer, this time there is not Piyu from interfering with, but it must be recognized that the success of the Drive is not separated from the intervention of Piyu (Padi). "We want to thank the party label E-motion, colleagues journalists, crews from Drive and Drive maniacs where is the always supports Drive," Andjie close.

Track List :
01. Drive Band Title hits song 'Prologue'
02. Drive Band Title hits song 'Sahabat'
03. Drive Band Title hits song 'Kita Hanya Berteman' ~missing~
04. Drive Band Title hits song 'Disini'
05. Drive Band Title hits song 'Aku Yang Terluka'
06. Drive Band Title hits song 'Kesempatan Kedua'
07. Drive Band Title hits song 'Wanita Terindah'
08. Drive Band Title hits song 'Kalah Untuk Menang' ~missing~
09. Drive Band Title hits song 'Cukup Bahagia'
10. Drive Band Title hits song 'Sekuat Hati'
11. Drive Band Title hits song 'Melepasmu'
12. Drive Band Title hits song 'Sesal' ~missing~
13. Drive Band Title hits song 'Tentang Kita'

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