Saturday, January 3, 2009

Second Album ST 12 - PUSPA

ST 12, which dimotori by Pepep (drums), Pepeng (guitar), and Charly (vocal) is the band origin of the famous Bandung through hit 'Aku Masih Sayang', in their second album is not just maintain the concept of playing pop Malay figured that feels easy.

"But of the 12 songs on the second album, we find some of the flow of music, such as discos, Reggae and acoustical" said Pepep, while drummer initiator formation ST 12, when the interview with the Republika on Saturday (12/5).

Although the color insert 'foreign', asserts Pepep not mean they leave the musical identity of SC 12, known as the bearer pop-Malay. "We only want to take the segmentation of hearing the broader," said the musician explains about the operation disco music and Reggae on the second album ST 12.

"We must be aware that people have a way different taste and enjoy the music. There is a need jerk music, drink alone, or minimal ornament, which put harmonization. All that we presentation in this second album," said Pepep explain again.

Meanwhile, Charly van Houtten, vocalist ST 12, adding that the color of disco music and Reggae that I present the second album is still the identity musikalisasi this music group. "There are still elements of his Malay," said the man who has a twisted vocal through this.

Charly songs that are revealed in a disco version, entitled 'Cinta Jangan Dinanti-nanti'. Next tembang titled 'Saat Kau Jauh' packed in Reggae. In addition to the second song was, there are still two more songs that are new concepts in ST 12. Both songs are entitled 'Batu Nisan' and 'Cinta Tidak Direstui'.

01 ST 12 Title hits song 'P.U.S.P.A (Putuskan Saja Pacarmu)'
02 ST 12 Title hits song 'Jangan Pernah Berubah'
03 ST 12 Title hits song 'Cari Pacar Lagi'
04 ST 12 Title hits song 'Putri Iklan'
05 ST 12 Title hits song 'S.K.J (Saat Kau Jauh)'
06 ST 12 Title hits song 'Saat Terakhir'
07 ST 12 Title hits song 'Tak Dapat Apa Apa' (My Hot)
08 ST 12 Title hits song 'Cinta Jangan Dinanti'
09 ST 12 Title hits song 'Cinta Tak Direstui'
10 ST 12 Title hits song 'Jalan Terbaik'
11 ST 12 Title hits song 'Rasa Yang Tertinggal'
12 ST 12 Title hits song 'Aku Masih Sayang'.

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